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Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition

If you have a distributed workforce, and need centralized data and forms management, Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition is the mobile application development tool for you. 


Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition is a revolutionary mobile database platform that enables users to create and deploy mobile database applications for Palm OS handheld devices and smartphones as well as for Web-enabled PC's. 


Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition builds on the robust features and point-and-click design principles of Pendragon Forms, placing powerful data collection technology in the hands of mobile workers. 


This platform enables you to design data collection applications via a Web browser.  Handheld users can synchronize across a network or across the Internet to receive form designs and upload data to your server.  Users can view data via a Web browser.


If you need to deliver a custom mobile solution within your organization, across the country or around the world, try Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition.



Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition Details


Unlike many other tools, Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition automatically builds both a Web front end and a Palm OS client interface for a form. 

Handheld Devices & Smartphones

Field workers can collect or view data on any Palm OS device, even when disconnected from the network.  The Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition Palm OS client has hundreds of features including 23 field types, intelligent navigation, signature capture, barcode scanning and scripting.


Palm devices can synchronize via desktops or laptop PC's that are connected to network, or synchronize via wireless modems.  This includes local area wireless connections (802.11b) or wide-area connection such as CDPD modems and cellular phones.


Networked PCs 

Extend database access and forms administration to Web-enabled PC's.  Each data collection application includes a Web-based interface for viewing and editing data.  Filter and export data to the desktop to create reports. 

Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition can also be used to create Web-enabled data collection applications for audiences that do not use handheld computers.


Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition gives managers centralized control over forms and users.  The Web-based interface requires just a few mouse clicks for:

  • Distribution of new and updated form designs

  • Removal of old or obsolete designs

  • Enabling and disabling user accounts

  • Controlling what data can be seen by users via the Web and handheld interfaces

  • Delegating management and design tasks to other users or administrators

  • Supporting multiple independent workgroups

Server Technology

Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition runs under the Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems, and is based on Active Server Pages and proprietary synchronization technology.  Microsoft's Active Server Pages, built-in to Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), are used to view and edit form design information and data through a Web interface. 


Pendragon SyncServer technology enables concurrent TCP/IP network synchronization via LAN, WAN or Internet to a Microsoft SQL Server database or other ODBC data source.  168-bit triple DES (3DES) encryption ensures the security of data synchronized from a PC cradle, Ethernet cradle or wireless modem.  128-bit SSL encryption secures data used by the web interface. 


The central Configuration Database stores form designs, user and group configurations, and synchronization logs.  The database also stores information about which forms belong on which devices.  In simple setups, the Configuration Database is used to store the users' database tables.


A field mapping utility can be run separately to map forms designs to external ODBC data sources such as Oracle or DB2 database engines.




The server software is intended to support as many as 4000 users and up to 256 simultaneous synchronizations per machine.  Additional capacity can be obtained by creating groups of Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition servers around a single database server.


Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition uses Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 (or MSDE) for its Configuration Database.  Optionally, additional server databases may be used to store user data.


Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition uses its own authentication scheme, enabling the use of a wide range of back-end data sources, and reducing the cost of database server licensing.  Each user in each database may have a unique password used to authenticate the user and encrypt communications.  Synchronizations use challenge-response MD5 digest authentication to protect the password from snooping.  Synchronization sessions are logged in a global server log, and an authentication history is stored in the Configuration Database.


Web access is secured with optional 128-bit SSL while the Pendragon SyncServer client software uses DES or 3DES.  The encryption protocols ensure a safe connection even on networks that don't have an intrinsic security layer.


Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition is a simple and inexpensive way to build and deploy data collection forms for handheld devices, smartphones and Web-enabled PC's.  Powerful management features enable different workgroups to share a single server installation.


Strong security features protect data in transit between the server and mobile users.  Wireless access features make data available anywhere.


Handheld Requirements:

Palm OS handheld devices with Palm OS version 4.0 or higher and at least 8MB RAM, or Windows Mobile 2003 or higher and at least 64MB RAM

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Regular price: $2,995.00Sale price: $2,785.35License Users: 
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